Wire Mesh Rolls

Wire Mesh Rolls: Reinforcing and Strengthening Concrete Slabs

Wire Mesh Roll

Steel wire mesh is a wire product with many different uses. It can be used in the construction of concrete slabs, to reinforce and strengthen them for added durability. This wire mesh can also be used to control cracking or provide tensile strength for reinforced concrete slabs. Made from steel, welded together in a square grid pattern, this wire is reliable and durable enough to withstand heavy loads without breaking down over time.

Our wire mesh rolls offer improved reliability because they are welded together at the seams and can be laid directly in your concrete foundation. Wire mesh can help control cracking or support reinforcing your concrete slab or foundation.

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Are you looking to reinforce your concrete slabs?

Advanced Onsite Concrete’s Steel Mesh Roll is the perfect solution. It’s made from steel wire and welded together in a square grid pattern, so it offers improved reliability over other mesh rolls on the market today. Use it to add strength or reinforce the tensile strength of concrete slabs.

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Uses for Wire Mesh

When wire mesh comes into contact with concrete, it can be used as a base to hold the slab together. It is not only useful for preventing cracking but also adds strength and durability to the foundation of your home or building. In addition, steel wire meshes are welded in grid patterns which increases their integrity and ensures that they will withstand heavy loads without breaking down over time.

Steel wire meshes have been utilized throughout history because they provide a safe surface on top of concrete slabs where people can walk and work without fear of an accident happening from above. The wire’s uniformity provides stability by reinforcing beams under structures such as foundations, garage floors, driveways, and sidewalks.

Why do I need to use Concrete Wire Mesh?

Concrete is one of the most popular construction materials in the world, but it is prone to cracking. Some benefits of wire mesh include:

  • Superior tensile strength for concrete
  • Improves crack resistance in concrete
  • Convenient and reliable installation process


The tensile strength (the amount of tension a material can withstand before breaking) can be increased by adding wire mesh. That means if you want to make your concrete more resistant to cracking and other damage you need to add steel mesh reinforcement.


The uniformity of wire mesh is one of the best ways to improve concrete’s resistance to cracking. A continuous steel wire reinforcement grid will provide a uniform distribution throughout your slab and help distribute loads evenly instead of in just a few concentrated areas. This can greatly reduce or even eliminate cracks from forming when you put heavy items on your finished project.


Our Steel Mesh Rolls provides a quick and affordable solution for reinforcing concrete slabs without having to install rebar by hand. If you are looking for concrete wire mesh ‘near me’ or want us to deliver give us a call.