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We deliver concrete and aggregate 24/7 all year round! Deliveries outside of normal store hours require a 24-hour advance notice.



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At ADVANCED Chicago, we offer services for everything you need for your next project. From the concrete itself to the supplies you need to prepare your surface, we’re here to help with all of it.

Quality Concrete in Chicago:

Concrete is what we do, so this means quality service when you need it. We have the experience to provide great results for our clients. Our concrete can help with any project large or small, right here in Chicago along with the surrounding suburbs. With our Redi-Mix Concrete, we can pour your concrete and provide the materials to finish your project. Using this mix, the concrete is freshly prepared for maximum strength and durability in a wide range of applications.

Mix Concrete to Order:

Conveniently making just what you need, when you need it means that we can provide your project with quality Concrete in Chicago every time. We have specific mixes for each project to ensure results just right for your needs. We can deliver our ready mix concrete to your job site or place it directly on-site. If you don’t know how much concrete you need, click here to check out our concrete calculator.

Full Line of Masonry Tools and Products:

Here at ADVANCED, we have a full line of masonry tools to help you get the job done right. From Wire Mesh to Groovers to Trowels and Float Irons, we have everything you need to get the perfect finish on your project. We also carry a variety of Masonry Chemicals to help with prep and cleanup, as well as Aggregates for foundations and other applications. You can find whatever you need at our concrete company.

Complete Line of Sewer Supply:

Our company also has a complete line of Concrete Supply, including everything your project needs to be successful. From Clay Pipe and Copper to PVC Fittings, we have what you need for even the most demanding applications. We are committed to providing our clients with Concrete in Chicago that is top quality with excellent results every time.

High Quality Pre-Cast Concrete

At ADVANCED Concrete, we have our own Pre-Cast Concrete Manufacturer to help ensure quality with every project. All of our products are manufactured in-house under the most stringent procedures, maintaining that high level of quality you expect from ADVANCED Concrete. We have Parking Bumpers & Parking Stops, Chimney Caps / Hoods, Catch Basin Products and Air Conditioning Pads.

Find the Best Concrete Company Near You

If you are looking for a quality concrete company near you, check out Advanced Concrete. Located at 5308 West Grand Avenue Chicago, IL 60639, we service wherever you need! Right here in the city to the surrounding suburbs, we can help with the concrete you need for your job. Contact us today!

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